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Public Preprints

H. Tarder-Stoll, C. Baldassano, M. Aly. "Consolidation enhances multistep anticipatory judgements but diminishes access to perceptual features." PsyArXiv, 2023.
[PsyArXiv link]
M.E. Sachs, K.N. Ochsner, C. Baldassano. "Brain state dynamics reflect emotion transitions induced by music." bioRxiv, 2023.
[bioRxiv link]
M. Bennett, C. Baldassano. "imgtofmri: a python package for predicting group-level fMRI responses to visual stimuli using deep neural networks."
[pdf] | [GitHub link]
T. Golan*, M. Siegelman*, N. Kriegeskorte, C. Baldassano. "Testing the limits of natural language models for predicting human language judgments." arXiv, 2022.
[arXiv link]

Journal Publications

J. Huang, I. Velarde, W.J. Ma, C. Baldassano. "Schema-based predictive eye movements support sequential memory encoding." eLife, 2023.
[journal link] | [pdf]
T.S. Yates, L.J. Skalaban, C.T. Ellis, A.J. Bracher, C. Baldassano, N.B. Turk-Browne. "Neural event segmentation of continuous experience in human infants." PNAS, 2022.
[journal link] | [pdf]
S.S. Cohen, C. Baldassano. "Developmental changes in story-evoked responses in the neocortex and hippocampus." eLife, 2022.
[journal link] | [pdf]
R. Masís-Obando, K.A. Norman, C. Baldassano. "Schema representations in distinct brain networks support narrative memory during encoding and retrieval." eLife, 2022.
[journal link] | [pdf]
Recall transcripts
J.A. Williams, E.H. Margulis, S.A. Nastase, J. Chen, U. Hasson, K.A. Norman, C. Baldassano. "High-Order Areas and Auditory Cortex Both Represent the High-Level Event Structure of Music." Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2022.
[journal link] | [pdf]
M. Kumar, M. Anderson, J. Antony, C. Baldassano, P. Brooks, M. Cai, P.-H. Chen, C. Ellis, G. Henselman-Petrusek, D. Huberdeau, J.B. Hutchinson, Y.P. Li, Q. Lu, J. Manning, A.C. Mennen, S. Nastase, H. Richard, A.C. Schapiro, N. Schuck, M. Shvartsman, N. Sundaram, D. Suo, J.S. Turek, V. Vo, G. Wallace, Y. Wang, H. Zhang, X. Zhu, M. Capota, J. Cohen, U. Hasson, K. Li, P.J. Ramadge, N. Turk-Browne, T. Willke, K.A. Norman. "BrainIAK: The Brain Imaging Analysis Kit." Aperture Neuro, 2022.
[journal link] | [pdf]
Companion Notebooks
A. Wu, S.A. Nastase, C. Baldassano, N.B. Turk-Browne, K.A. Norman, B.E. Engelhardt, J.W. Pillow. "Brain kernel: a new spatial covariance function for fMRI data." NeuroImage, 2021.
[journal link] | [pdf]
S.A. Nastase, Y.-F. Liu, H. Hillman, A. Zadbood, L. Hasenfratz, N. Keshavarzian, J. Chen, C.J. Honey, Y. Yeshurun, M. Regev, M. Nguyen, C.H.C. Chang, C. Baldassano, O. Lositsky, E. Simony, M.A. Chow, Y.C. Leong, P.P. Brooks, E. Micciche, G. Choe, A. Goldstein, T. Vanderwal, Y.O. Halchenko, K.A. Norman, U. Hasson. "Narratives: fMRI data for evaluating models of naturalistic language comprehension." Scientific Data, 2021.
[journal link] | [pdf]
H. Tarder-Stoll, C. Gasser, W. Yu, H.R. Dimsdale-Zucker. "Challenges in Understanding the Role of Reactivation in Modifying Hippocampal Representations." Journal Club commentary for the Journal of Neuroscience, 2021.
[journal link] | [pdf]
C.S. Lee, M. Aly, C. Baldassano. "Anticipation of temporally structured events in the brain." eLife, 2021.
[journal link] | [pdf w/ figure supplements]
C. Chen, Q. Lu, A. Beukers, C. Baldassano, K. Norman. "Learning to perform role-filler binding with schematic knowledge." PeerJ, 2021.
[journal link] | [pdf]
C. Ellis, C. Baldassano, A.C. Schapiro, M.B. Cai, J.D. Cohen. "Facilitating open-science with realistic fMRI simulation: validation and application." PeerJ, 2020.
[journal link] | [pdf]
M. Siegelman and C. Baldassano. "Remembering together." News & Views, Nature Human Behaviour, 2019.
[journal link] | [pdf]
M. Silva, C. Baldassano, L. Fuentemilla. "Rapid memory reactivation at movie event boundaries promotes episodic encoding." Journal of Neuroscience, 2019.
[journal link] | [pdf]
C. Baldassano, U. Hasson, K. Norman. "Representation of real-world event schemas during narrative perception." Journal of Neuroscience, 2018.
[journal link] | [pdf]
Stimuli | Code and data capsule
Raw data (Main) | Raw data (Control)
I.I.A. Groen, M.R. Greene, C. Baldassano, L. Fei-Fei, L., D.M. Beck, C.I. Baker. "Distinct contributions of functional and deep neural network features to representational similarity of scenes in human brain and behavior." eLife, 2018.
[journal link] | [pdf]
C. Baldassano, J. Chen, A. Zadbood, J.W. Pillow, U. Hasson, K.A. Norman. "Discovering event structure in continuous narrative perception and memory." Neuron, 2017.
[journal link] | [pdf w/ supplementary]
Python code | MATLAB code
K. Vodrahalli, P.H. Chen, Y. Liang, C. Baldassano, J. Chen, E. Yong, C. Honey, U. Hasson, P. Ramadge, K.A. Norman, S. Arora. "Mapping Between fMRI Responses to Movies and their Natural Language Annotations." NeuroImage, 2017.
[journal link] | [pdf]
C. Baldassano, A. Esteva, L. Fei-Fei, D.M. Beck. "Two distinct scene processing networks connecting vision and memory." eNeuro, 2016.
[journal link] | [pdf]
Two-network atlas
C. Baldassano, L. Fei-Fei, D.M. Beck. "Pinpointing the peripheral bias in neural scene-processing networks during natural viewing." Journal of Vision, 2016.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]
C. Baldassano, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Human–Object Interactions Are More than the Sum of Their Parts." Cerebral Cortex, 2016.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]
Experiment 1 Stimuli | Experiment 2 Stimuli
Experiment 2 raw data | ROI data (Matlab)
Decoding maps
M.R. Greene, C. Baldassano, A. Esteva, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Visual scenes are categorized by function." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2016.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]
C. Baldassano, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Parcellating connectivity in spatial maps." PeerJ, 2015.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]
MATLAB and python code
Surface atlas (CIFTI-2) | Volumetric atlas | Volumetric atlas (PPA only)
C. Baldassano, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Differential Connectivity Within the Parahippocampal Place Area." NeuroImage, 2013.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]
C. Baldassano, M.C. Iordan, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Discovering Voxel-Level Functional Connectivity Between Cortical Regions." Machine Learning and Interpretation in NeuroImaging Workshop, NIPS 2012.
C. Baldassano, M.C. Iordan, D.M. Beck, L. Fei-Fei. "Voxel-Level Functional Connectivity using Spatial Regularization." NeuroImage, 2012.
[journal link] | [pdf] | [supplementary pdf]


C. Baldassano. "Visual scene perception in the human brain: connections to memory, categorization, and social cognition." PhD Dissertation.
[Stanford Library] | [pdf]